Essie Licorice Nail Polish Review | Smooth, No Streaks & Easy to Apply

Essie Licorice Nail polishI'm a total fan of Essie nail polish. It goes on so smooth with no streaks and it lasts longer before chipping compared to other nail polish. Dr Devience also rates this polish high in her review on associated

I used to just use a cheap brand. I didn't really buy into the whole nail polish war, just thought they were all the same. That was until I discovered Essie! Sorry don't mean this to sound like a sales pitch.

There are some ladies who have commented on the associatedcontent site, they have tried Essie polish and think it chips to quick. A good tip when applying Essie or other polish is to use a base and top coat, as well as applying 2 layers of your chosen color. This will help make the color last longer before chipping.

Essie is used by a lot of professional spa's. It comes in hundreds of colors, so you are bound to find the shade for you.

Essie Licorice (Black) is a color I would like to recommend to all you fans. Black is this seasons must have shade for any fashionista. It is a lovely winter shade that is nice for a night out or special occasion.

You can purchase Essie polish from the official Essie site, where a 15ml bottle will cost $8 or you can go to Ebay or Amazon and you can find it for around $2-$6. This brand of polish is more expensive than most. But I think it is definitely worth the price, especially if you want flawless results.

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