Bliss FatGirlSleep Night Cream Review | Moisturizer To Rid Cellulite & Smooth Skin

Fat Girl Sleep Anti-Cellulite creamBliss FatGirlsleep's is a night cream formulated to supposedly smooth out that unsightly "orange peel" effect know as cellulite.

Bliss say that the slenderiZZZe complex™ releases dimple diminishers and soothing lavender for up to 6 hours. Ladies using the cream have said they noticed a reduction in the appearance of dimples.

According to users of FatGirlSleep the fragrance of this cream is "divine". This cream is supposed to smell of Lavender, but while many people agree the fragrance is sublime they don't actually agree it smells like Lavender. As long as it smells good though who cares!


There are 3 important ingredients that Bliss like to list, these are:

Sacred lotus: which it says helps promote the breakdown of fat, reduces fat storage, reduces inflammation of skin, and tightens looser skin.

Red algae extract: promotes micro-circulation and reduces excess water.

Lavender essence: this is to give a calming, relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Like a lot of other creams this contains a variety of synthetic chemicals. So this might not be the ideal cream for those of you that like to keep it natural.

Prices start at $38 for a 6oz pot which isn't to expensive compared to other similar creams. It is said by some users to have a thick consistency that spreads well, so should last a while.

This is obviously not a miracle cure for Cellulite, that hasn't been invented yet, unfortunately! Nevertheless, this Bliss cream could be worth a try to dampen those dimples while waiting for that godly miracle to happen.

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