Anti-Aging Daily Eye Cream by Benefit Cosmetics Review | Eyecon Helps Reduce Puffiness, Fine Lines & Dark Circles

Benefit Cosmetics EyeconIt has created an eye cream "Eyecon" that is supposed to help fight against puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Well, although Benefit Cosmetics are usually very good, it should have left youth restoration to the experts! Sorry Benefit.

Benefit Cosmetics was established in San Francisco in 1976. So really it is still a baby and we could see improvements in this product in the future.

The only ingredients mentioned in this concoction are apple and sweet almond. If that's the key ingredients and Benefits biggest selling point for this eye cream, then I would rather save my money and smear fresh apple and almond under my eyes instead of buying this!

Personally I find it very frustrating when a company doesn't supply the list of ingredients on its site. Especially when there are so many people with allergies that have to check these things.

Users Conclusions

Most users seem to agree the cream is hydrating, a little goes a long way and they also like how it is unscented.

Unfortunately it is let down by the fact that most patrons say it does absolutely nothing to reduce dark circles or fine lines.


The only ingredients I found mentioned were sweet almond and apple fruit.

To Sum Up

Although most users found Eyecon ineffective a couple of people said it worked for them and reduced their dark circles and puffiness.

Frankly this eye cream has come across as weak when put to the test in the field, therefor I think it is far too expensive at $30.

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